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"Jumping" window mannequin, skin

"Jumping" window mannequin, skin

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"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin
"Jumping" window mannequin, skin

Are you searching for a extra fancy window mannequin, one that strikes at all times? If so then you hit paydirt right at this moment, because this model impresses with it vitality and charisma. The "welcome pose" and the face which seems extremly lifelike leave a very positiv and appealing overall impression.
The dummy is manufactured of high valued fiberglass and varnished in a natural skin color. The simple construction provides a very easy and fast set up an removal. The supplied pedestal is mounted on a glass base and gives the mannequin a secure and stable footing at all times. It can fixed both at the bottom and on the side. The latter method allows you to issue the figure with shoes without any damage.

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Window mannequin with glass base (no clothing and wig in price included).

The doll has the following properties:

Color: skin color
Pose: Abstract
Peculiarity: Abstract
Attachment: Through the foot or calf
Stand plate: glass
Material: fiberglass

Inside leg length: 97 cm
Leg length: 114 cm
Height: 216 cm
Head: 55,5 cm
Neck: 37 cm
Shoulder: 47 cm
Chest: 100 cm
Waist: 71 cm
Hips: 75 cm

Shoe size: 39

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