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Female Mannequin

Female Mannequin

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Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin
Female Mannequin

Here we have a beautiful window mannequin manufactured of fiberglas.
The dummy's face is breath taking and its nicely shaped body catches the attention of every passer-by. Everything this dummy wears looks absolutely fabulous and its curves put special emphazise on form-fitting clothing.
Its "real" eye lashes and the shining blue eyes turn this mannequin into a diva and its extraordinary posture provides a new kind of window display.

The set up and removal contains only a few components and is very easy and fast to handle.
The window mannequin is placed on a glas base which provides the dummy with a stable and secure footing and also allows a mounting at the bottom as well as from the side. The latter method is very helpful if you want to equip your mannequin with shoes or socks without any damage.

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Delivery volume:
Window mannequin with glas pedestal (no clothing or wig in price included)

This model is in stock and according to an agreement on the phone, can be collected directly in our store (Berlin), or warehouse (Gransee). In the case of shipping we gladly take care of decent packaging, as assured.

The doll has the following properties:

Color: skin color
Pose: standing
Attachment: Through the foot or calf
Stand plate: glass
Material: fiberglass

Inside leg length: 74 cm
Leg length: 109 cm
Height: 184 cm
Head: 54 cm
Neck: 33,5 cm
Shoulder: 45 cm
Chest: 91 cm
Under chest: 67 cm
Waist: 63 cm
Hips: 84 cm

Shoe size: 36

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